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GID Slime
The most popular slime on the market! It glows in the dark and comes in assorted colors! Sold 12
 stars out of 5
Alien UFO Slime
3" UFOs in 4 assorted colors (purple, silver, blue & green) filled with rainbow slime and
 stars out of 5
Unicorn Poop Slime
Super popular!  Clear poop shaped containers filled with colorful slime. Kids call it '
 stars out of 5
Galaxy Slime Tub
A small tub with three colors galaxy slime. Sold 12 pieces per display box. Merchandising Info
 stars out of 5
Mad Scientist Goo
Gooey, slippery, slimy sludge. This Multi-color goo comes in a plastic container shaped like a sci
 stars out of 5
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