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Mermaid Squeezy Shell
Squeeze this pearlescent jewel-tone shell to see a bubble emerge. Inside the bubble you will see s
 stars out of 5
Moochie Stretch Jumbo Animals
Jumbo 2 3/4" squishy animal friends that are fun to squeeze, stretch and collect! Each displa
 stars out of 5
Moochies Stretch Animals
Squishy animal friends that are fun to squeeze, stretch and collect. Each display package comes wi
 stars out of 5
Alien Squeeze Brain Keychain
3"  assorted color aliens that you can stretch and squeeze out the brain. Packaged in a
 stars out of 5
Sloth Squeeze Poo Key Chain
Cute rubber Sloth that squeezes out poo and has a plastic key chain. Sold 12 pieces per box.
 stars out of 5
Stretchy Spikey Alligator
7" Alligator with rubber spikes on back is fun to stretch and squeeze. Each package has green
 stars out of 5
Sticky Snake
Sticky, gooey and stretchy snakes. These 11" snakes come in an assortment of four colors: red
 stars out of 5
Mesh Squeeze Ball 2"
Squishy mesh ball comes in assorted colors: green, purple, orange and blue. Fun to squeeze or thro
 stars out of 5
Squeeze Bead Alpaca
Strange but fun 3.5" ball shaped like an alpaca. Outside is textured rubber. Inside is filled
 stars out of 5
Stretch Splat Unicorn Poo
The assorted colored poop has a sticky surface and soft, moldable core that splats and sticks to a
 stars out of 5
$36.00 $42.00
Squeeze Bead Poo
Soft and squishy piles of poop, filled with colorful beads for squeezing. Packaged in an eye-catch
 stars out of 5
Squeeze Funky Pimple Head
Squeeze this 3" stress ball pimple head to watch his pimples pop out. When you release, they
 stars out of 5
Flash Puffer Unicorn
Soft & stretchable unicorns that you can throw, catch and squeeze. They will always return to
 stars out of 5