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Shock Pen
Play a joke on anyone with the cool, fun 'shock' pen. Sold 12 pieces per unit.
 stars out of 5
Deluxe Fart Whistle
Top quality fart whistle. A good ole 'Bronx Cheer" makes everyone laugh.  Each is in
 stars out of 5
Deluxe Hand Buzzer
The best metal hand buzzer on the market!  Each is individually carded with a hang tag. Sol
 stars out of 5
Fart Horn
BEST SELLER! Rubber fart horn sounds like a 'Bronx cheer' when you blow into it.  S
 stars out of 5
$6.50 $7.00
Deluxe Snappy Gum
Give your friends a harmless, but funny zap with this top quality snappy gum.  Each individua
 stars out of 5
Money Snatcher
Another Best Seller!  Attach a dollar and snatch it out of the finders hand! Sold 12 indivi
 stars out of 5
$7.80 $11.00
Shock Gum Carded
Three flavors of shock gum on individual hang card as well as a nice display box. Sold 24 pieces
 stars out of 5
Whoopee Cushion
BEST SELLER! 8" whoopee cushion is a must have. Blow it up, sit on it, and Whoopee! Sold 24 I
 stars out of 5
Magic Ink
Fun 'magic' ink, squirt on your friend and it disappears in minutes. Sold 24 pieces per
 stars out of 5
10 1/2" silver metal handcuffs with key. Sold 12 pieces per package.
 stars out of 5
Switchblade Comb
Popular Individually boxed switchblade comb.   Sold 12 pieces per box, 24 dozen per case.
 stars out of 5
GID Witch Finger
Glow in the Dark witch fingers are a popular staple. Sold 72 pieces per package.
 stars out of 5