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Flash Bumpy Ring - White
Super Bright white lights inside clear silicone bumpy ring, each individually wrapped. Sold 12 p
 stars out of 5
Rainbow Unicorn Poop Ring
Rubber ring with rainbow unicorn poop. Sold 24 pieces per pack. Merchandising Info: Dis
 stars out of 5
Mood Ring
Mood rings in assorted shapes: Star, Heart, Butterfly, Peace, Daisy & Dolphin.  Includes
 stars out of 5
Butterfly Ring
A colorful assortment of adjustable metal butterfly rings on display card. Sold 12 pieces per car
 stars out of 5
Birthstone Ring Double Shank
Beautiful adjustable birthstone rings with a double shank to make them sparkle, made of brass. S
 stars out of 5
LOVE Birthstone Ring
Adjustable gold rings with a birthstone for each month in the O of LOVE. Sold 36 pieces per disp
 stars out of 5
Animal Double RIng
Cute flexible double rings with assorted animal heads: monkey, lion and elephant in green, red, pu
 stars out of 5
Zoo Rubber Ring Assorted
6 different zoo animals on a rubber ring that stretches to fit most. Sold 48 pieces per display
 stars out of 5
$12.00 $16.80
Sea Life Rubber Ring Assort
Colorful assortment of 6 different sea animals on a rubber ring that stretches to fit most. Sold
 stars out of 5
$12.00 $16.80
Sugar Skull Ring
Sugar Skull is a symbol representing Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead.  These beautiful
 stars out of 5
$18.00 $24.00
Crystal Ring
Assorted color crystal rings. Sold 144 pieces per pack. Merchandising Info: Display 2 p
 stars out of 5
Diamond Cut Color Ring
Assorted bold color metal non-adjustable ring with laser cuts that sparkle. Sold 144 per pack.
 stars out of 5
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