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Eyelash Glasses
Cute pink and purple glasses frame with black eyelashes on them. Each package contains 6 pink and
 stars out of 5
$11.40 $13.20
Hand Spinner Silicone
Quality silicone fidget spinners in assorted colors.  Each individually boxed. Sold 24 spin
 stars out of 5
$24.00 $49.00
Fidget Spinner Metallic
Quality metallic fidget spinners in six assorted colors:  blue, pink, silver, purple, green,
 stars out of 5
$24.00 $66.00
Pull Back Shelby Car 5"
5" Die-Cast classic 'Shelby' in four assorted colors: red, white, yellow, blue. 
 stars out of 5
$48.60 $60.00
Ring Flux Color
5" assorted metallic colored flux rings are all the rage! Each is individually wrapped in a h
 stars out of 5
$30.00 $50.40
Flashing Spikey Jelly Banz
Cool flashing spikey ball bracelet that comes in assorted neon colors. Each bracelet has 3 spikey
 stars out of 5
$43.20 $51.75
Narwhal Plush 10"
10" Narwhal "Unicorn of the Sea" soft plush that comes in 3 assorted colors; pink,
 stars out of 5
$25.80 $30.60
Stretch Splat Unicorn Poo
The assorted colored poop has a sticky surface and soft, moldable core that splats and sticks to a
 stars out of 5
$36.00 $42.00
Flash Heart
3" light up 3D heart sticker that has on/off switch. 3 assorted designs that are individually
 stars out of 5
$24.30 $29.70
Mermaid Inflate
24" Mermaid inflate that comes in 4 assorted colors: pink, blue, yellow and purple. Sold 12
 stars out of 5
$13.20 $15.60
Birthday Princess Tiara
All the attention will be on the birthday child wearing this beautiful bright tiara with a jewel o
 stars out of 5
$6.00 $12.00
Star Party Cups
9 oz. cups with Star design. Sold 1,000 cups per case.
 stars out of 5
$40.00 $79.80
Skate Party Placemat
8-1/2" x 11" place mats with Roller Skate design. Sold 1,000 place mats per package.
 stars out of 5
$23.00 $45.00
Star Party Placemats
8 1/2" x 11" place mats with Star design. Sold 1,000 place mats per case.
 stars out of 5
$23.00 $45.10
Rotating Acrylic Display
Beautiful clear acrylic rotating three tier display measures 12 x 12 x 5. Sold by the piece
 stars out of 5
$25.00 $35.00