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Flying Critters
Assorted colors: neon purple, teal, and lime green individually wrapped rubber Critters.  Put
 stars out of 5
$4.50 $6.00
Big Head Puppies
VERY POPULAR, adorable assorted hard solid plastic puppies with abnormally large heads, collect th
 stars out of 5
$14.00 $16.20
Zoo Animal Finger Puppet
Adorable assorted animal finger puppets: elephant, monkey, giraffe, tiger, zebra. . Sold 12 piec
 stars out of 5
$2.50 $3.00
Unicorn Hand Puppet
Assorted Pink, white and purple unicorns slide easily onto your hand.  Each individually wrap
 stars out of 5
$24.00 $27.00
Unicorn Finger Puppet
Assorted pink, white, and purple unicorn heads fit on the top of your finger. Sold 48 pieces in
 stars out of 5
$17.00 $19.80
Unicorn Figure 3"
Fun for all.  Cute 3'' vinyl unicorn figures in two poses and 3 colors.  Sold
 stars out of 5
$5.75 $6.60
Flashing Unicorn
Pink, White, and Purple assorted rubber Unicorn light up when you shake them. Sold 12 pieces per
 stars out of 5
$18.00 $19.80
Ukulele 17"
17" assorted color ukulele.  You can tune it and strum away. Sold one piece per displa
 stars out of 5
$7.85 $9.00
Mermaid 5''
Beautiful, colorful 5'' mermaid doll individually boxed in a display box. Sold 12 pieces
 stars out of 5
$9.00 $11.40
Skating Girl Figures Lovely Elves
  Gift-boxed set includes Lovely Elevs skating girl. Sold 18 per display box.
 stars out of 5
$18.00 $31.50
Flip Sequin Plush Clip On
Assorted shapes with pretty flip sequins that change colors when you run your hand over them. 
 stars out of 5
$7.40 $8.40
Sequin Heart Pen
Assorted color flipping sequin heart and feather on top of a pen, 11" total. Sold 12 pieces
 stars out of 5
$8.60 $10.00
Flip Sequin 2Tone Wristband
Assorted Color sequins make up the two-tone sequin wristband with a velcro closure.  The sequ
 stars out of 5
$7.20 $8.40
Light Up Big Wheeled Truck 6''
Awesome big wheel pull back truck has lights that flash in the wheels  Comes in four differen
 stars out of 5
$2.25 $3.00
Flash Squeeze Aquatic Beads
Assorted sea life shapes with squeeze beads that flash LED lights when you hit it. Sold 12 piece
 stars out of 5
$20.50 $24.00
Twisted Wire Puzzle
Colorful twisted metal puzzle with many angles...FUN!  Each individually wrapped on a hang ca
 stars out of 5
$17.20 $20.40
Wooden Kendama Ball Game
This game will drive you crazy and keep you busy for hours! Sold 6 per pack. Merchandising Inf
 stars out of 5
$7.20 $9.30
Ribbon Wand 18''
Cool 18'' wand with a beautiful sparkling ribbon to twirl in the air.  Each on a beau
 stars out of 5
$15.00 $24.00
Dinosaur Porcupine
Fun size assorted porcupine dinosaurs in 4 assorted colors. Sold 36 pieces per pack. Mercha
 stars out of 5
$7.80 $9.70
Sea Life Rubber Ring Assort
Colorful assortment of 6 different sea animals on a rubber ring that stretches to fit most. Sold
 stars out of 5
$12.00 $16.80
Fairy Necklace 16''
Beautiful assorted color fairies on a 16'' necklace. Sold 12 pieces per pack. Merchand
 stars out of 5
$6.00 $8.40
Boundless Love Crystal Necklace
Sparkling silver heart with Austrian Crystals on a diamond-cut silver chain in a lovely jewelry bo
 stars out of 5
$6.00 $7.50
Zoo Rubber Ring Assorted
6 different zoo animals on a rubber ring that stretches to fit most. Sold 48 pieces per display
 stars out of 5
$12.00 $16.80
Sugar Skull Ring
Sugar Skull is a symbol representing Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead.  These beautiful
 stars out of 5
$18.00 $24.00
Stick On Earrings
Beautiful sparkling assorted shaped and color stick on earrings. Sold 144 pieces per unit. Mer
 stars out of 5
$4.20 $4.30
Princess Tiara
Beautiful silver plastic tiara says "Princess" in three colors: blue, pink, purple, with
 stars out of 5
$6.50 $8.00
Princess Tattoo
Cute colorful assortment princess tattoos. Sold 144 pieces per pack. Merchandising Info: Dis
 stars out of 5
$2.00 $3.00
Birthday Princess Tiara
All the attention will be on the birthday child wearing this beautiful bright tiara with a jewel o
 stars out of 5
$10.80 $12.00
Birthday Cake Hat Velour trim
No Description Available
 stars out of 5
$3.00 $3.25
Fruit Blast Squeeze Candy
Healthy fruit blast squeeze tubes in three flavors:  blueberry, strawberry, and green apple.
 stars out of 5
$15.00 $18.00
Birthday Cake Hat Felt
Felt hat with candles on top says Happy Birthday. Sold 1 hat per package.
 stars out of 5
$3.60 $4.10
Warhead Extreme Heat Worms
Sour, Sweet then the HEAT mini worms flavored sizzling strawberry, atomic green apple and fiery wa
 stars out of 5
$11.25 $12.85
Warheads Tropical Extreme Heat Mini Worms
Exciting new item!  2 oz. packages of Extreme Heat Mini Warhead Worms in Tropical flavors: Mo
 stars out of 5
$11.25 $12.85
Glow bracelet - 8" blue
8'' and 6mm Blue Supreme Glow Bracelets has connectors included but not attached
 stars out of 5
Glow bracelet - 8" red
8'' and 6mm Red Supreme Glow Bracelets has connectors included but not attached.  Sim
 stars out of 5
Bowl Party Kit 1 - 7" plate (no sporks)
This tableware kit contains 1000 each:  7" plates, place mats, napkins, and cups with Bo
 stars out of 5
$178.50 $210.00
Bowl Party Plate - 7"
7" plates with Bowling design. Sold 1,000 plates per case.
 stars out of 5
$60.00 $75.00
Rotating Acrylic Display
Beautiful clear acrylic rotating three tier display measures 12 x 12 x 5. Sold by the piece
 stars out of 5
$25.00 $35.00
6 x 12 divided acrylic tray
Excellent quality clear acrylic display tray is perfect for the middle shelf of your display case
 stars out of 5
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